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Roy Suryo Should Thank The Media


It could have been a peaceful Thursday morning.

I was sitting down plump on my couch, swiping and touching gently the screen of my tablet. My brain needed its breakfast and some news update might be able to fulfill it. As I skimmed through various news portals, no news was delightful enough for my brain to devour. So I slid into Twitter; a world full of opinions that clash to each other at every given time. Perhaps two or three aggressive bigots in a debate would not ruin my morning, even better, they could tingle my common sense.

Sadly for me, imbecility didn’t come in one form. It also came in another form which had ruined my Thursday morning: a Racist.

When I read swearing words toward a person, I knew this person just sparked an outrage among inhabitants of Twitter. I just never thought it was done by our minister and the person wasn’t even Tifatul Sembiring.

Amid the tension of the amendment to the 2004 Regional Election Law, Youth and Sports Affairs Minister Roy Suryo Tweeted, “Tweeps, Ini Zhong Wan Xie alias BTP alias AHOK mulai SARA » Ahok Larang Potong Hewan Kurban.”


I was dumbfounded.

In one day, Roy Suryo surpassed what Tifatul Sembiring had achieved in a Twitter world. If what Tifatul had done was a slip of a tongue or just a trolling, Roy Suryo clearly wasn’t joking around. He tweeted several times to stress the SARA (racial, ethnic, and religious issues) issue to his followers.

Questions had been swirling in my mind during that whole day. Why do we have a minister behaving like this? Who’s to blame? Who find him at the first place?

My memory recalls that Roy Suryo proclaimed himself as an IT expert and was acknowledged by the media. An acknowledgement that granted him a stage of spotlight for public to witness. His popularity, which contributed to his winning in legislative election, was started from a scratch of a pen and a shot of a camera.

But my memory fails to recall his competency other than interpreting the originality of scandalous pictures or videos, let alone his educational background. I don’t know what standard is being set by the media that they easily labeled Roy Suryo an IT expert while his credibility hasn’t yet to be put to the test. Indonesia has over 200 million people and the media only keeps one phone number to call for an IT expert? Never heard a person named Onno W Purbo?

It reminds me of one of my task during my intern in Rakyat Merdeka newspaper. I was assigned to interview 3 sources that were given by my editor relating to the procurement of the first RI presidential plane. The sources were an economist, Hendri Saparini, an activist, Ucok Sky from The Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency, or FITRA, and one more economist whom I forgot the name. My interview with Hendri Saparini and the second economist went well. Both answered concisely and agreed on the procurement. As for Ucok, he was explaining every detail of the procurement kindly. One thing that bugged me about Ucok was when it came to the reason: he disagreed on the procurement without giving a comprehensive and rational reason. I kept pressing him to offer me some rational answer. Why did I pursue it? Because I thought his reason paled in comparison with the other sources. I asked my editor for another sources, a more convincing one, but he said that no person understood this field more than Ucok did. Besides, the newspaper just needed his statement to contradict the government. Fair enough, I guessed. A few months later, I watched Ucok befuddled — grilled by Karni Ilyas on ILC.

Before Roy Suryo tweeted such hostile tweets, he was asked about the progress of the quarrel between him and Ahok. He then answered it by tweeting a link. Here’s the link for your perusal.

Capture 2

Yes, our minister, also known as an IT expert, just tweeted news in which Triomacan2000 is the main sources of the story. Though Roy Suryo never involves in any illegal activity so far, we know he’s on the wrong side when he sided with the shady Twitter account.

Once was known as a petty, insignificant figure with dubious expertise, Roy Suryo is in charge of all kind of youth and sports affairs now. He is a great example of how the big power of media wasn’t run properly and with responsibility by the people behind the curtain, resulting in a racist and presumably bigot minister in our diverse nation.

Roy Suryo and Tifatul Sembiring, we only need one obnoxious minister on Twitter. Why don’t you guys flip a coin to decide which one is going to stay sane.


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