Bicara Seni dan Segala pernak-perniknya

Music Does Live


All camera companies say, picture captures moments. For me, it doesn’t. Music does. Even more

Recently, i just watched this classic anime, Akira. I think all anime lover should know this 1988 Japanese animated science fiction film. At that time, probably, that was the first time Japan’s animation could make a huge impact to the world’s pop culture. The anime was well received by audiences around the globe and it became a classic cult. The story itself revolves around a post-apocalyptic Japan, or in this film known as Neo Japan.

The story is set in 2019, and as we can imagine, the world that depicts in this movie is a futuristic world. Despite of all of the glorious technology that the city have, the story shows a different side of the city: riot, chaos, and anarchy. This is the interesting side and this is what I’m trying to talk about. When a futuristic city meets a chaotic people and what is the result? A beautiful piece of harmony from a traditional musical instruments as a score. Yes, people behind this anime use a traditional musical instruments for scoring!

I mean, WHAT ON EARTH did they think about when using this traditional musical instrument? Well, you see, an advance technology city, ehm…I’m imagining a techno music like Daft Punk or a hardcore music played for the theme of the insurgent. But, NO, they DON’T. And BAM! They hit me with gong, drum, cymbal and in fact, I heard like a gamelan sound.

They really put an Asian music elements in this film. It is safe to say that they use an Asian traditional musical instruments. Because, i didin’t hear a violin’s friction, a roaring electric guitar or any modern musical instrument. And that’s why I love this anime so much. While my eyes enjoy every absurdity that animated in this film, oddly, this weird music (yes, for me, this is still weird) successfully elaborates every piece of this artwork into a fun experience. I didn’t hail it as a magnificent masterpiece but it was quite fun. It’s unique if I can say. For me, without that kind of music, this film will fail shortly. Music wins over the picture. The picture remembers me the movie, but the music live me up to that moment of exciting experience. And this music factor from this film, had kept me thinking about music.

Music that stands out

After watching Akira, I remember some of my audio visual experience back then. The first thing that popped up in my head is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This lovely movie is known for its nonlinear narration, dramatic visual style and special effect. But for me personally, the scoring has its own place in my heart. Every heartwarming scene is followed by a sweet and touching music. And then I fell in love with this movie’s score. The scene is dead without music. But the music doesn’t lose its loveliness without the moving image.  When you listen, you become Joel and your lovely one is Clementine.

Why Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? You see, everything just clicks in this movie. The music really represents the situation and the scene. I can use this film’s score to be my life’s soundtrack.  Ooohh, I can simply lie down, listen to this beautiful harmony and love is all around.

By the way, do you guys know a movie called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (FF: AC)? FYI, it’s one of my favourite movie of all time. Honestly, the strory is pretty lame, but who cares! I love it because it is the sequel of one of my favourite video game of all time, Final Fantasy VII.  Anyway, I write FF: AC in this article because it has a shivering moment, and thanks to the music, it becomes memorable. I’m talking about the Bahamut Sin scene. All final fantasy fans out there should know what I mean.

Kadaj, the antagonist, is standing on the edge of the wreckage building, smirking, and saying, “Let’s  put an end to all of this.” He raises his glowing hand. It’s like a wind blows through his arm and shoot the sky. The sky is splitted. Then, we hear a choir sing magnificently in Latin. It’s like a holy spirit is about to come down from heaven. To the contrary, It is hell that spill from the sky. It is Bahamut Sin and people are screaming.

That was a fucked up moment for me! The music really tricked and surprised me. For a sec, i thought Bahamut is like a holy creature, but then I changed my mind. That choir song…errgghh. However, hail to the Bahamut!

I already mentioned 3 movies. I was talking about my audio visual experience and it is unfair if I didn’t put video game in this article. And so I, Rionaldo Herwendo, hereby, claim Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (MGS 3) as the greatest audio visual experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. Yes, it’s a video game. Even though A film critic, Roger Ebert stated that video game is far away from what an art is, I don’t care,dude. Just play MGS 3 with devoted heart and you’ll know, especially for the last boss fight. Yeah, The Boss fight scene.

Solid Snake, a loyal soldier that serves for his beloved country, is ordered to kill his own mentor, probably, someone that he loves very much, The Boss. Despite of all of the government’s conspiracy that surrounds both of them, they have to kill each other. A bed of white flower witness their fight as Snake keep questioning his mentor’s defection. Doubtful, painful and sorrow has to be faced by Snake. Not only Snake, but also the player and me. At this moment of truth, slowly, the music comes in. It’s a Bond-esque music. Listening that song in this desicive moment, it gave me a thrill. It”s a one of situation. It’s like I want to cry, but also I have to be tough. Geez, it’s hard to find a word to describe it. Man, Hideo Kojima is really God. You can watch the dramatic scene in

I only mentioned 4.  Actually, it’s more than that. But, that was just a representation of what I discuss. Picture just capture a moment’s information, such as what clothes we wear, what we were doing. It just gives us an information. Although, I believe that there are picture, image or painting that really can draw us in. But the music just give me a personal feeling. On the other hand, music does more than capture the moments. Music saves the moments. It breathes life into it. Just like movies and video game I mentioned earlier. When I saw a picture about movie or video game I like, it just brings back memory. And yet, when I listen to the song, it brings ME back to that memory or moment.

I close my eyes. I see Clementine in my arms. I kill The Boss with my own hand.

Honorable Mention: Chrono cross, Miguel fight scene.

Even though I never play this game, I can say that this game has a tremendous soundtrack. The memorable one is Miguel fight scene. Why is it memorable? Because we, as the player, have to kill a good guy. Yes, that good guy is  still relative to the main character and he lets himself to be killed. There are two best part in this scene. First, this kind man is really hard to defeat. Along with it, there comes a really sad and depressing song. Can you imagine that? My friend who played the game said, “ I’d rather die and not finish this game than have to kill this guy.” Even I couldn’t watch it. But you guys can watch it by yourself


*maaf tulisan bahasa Inggrisnya masih berantakan. Saya masih belajar


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